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Bee's Favorite Food Scarf - Pink

Bee's Favorite Food Scarf - Pink

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The gorgeous floral forms on this scarf are not just any flowers – they are top pollinator flora known for their ability to attract & nurture the bee. This custom print is illustrated in a watercolor hand so the dreamy, inky saturation has a unique painterly look. It’s printed on a lightweight organic cotton that feels like a cloud around your neck. This size (38x38”) is very versatile: wear it open, double-wrapped, single-wrapped, as a headband, and beyond. 

As part of the Bee Collection, this scarf directs a 10 of profit to bee research & activism. Did you know that 1/3 of the world’s produce depends on a pollinator like the bee? She is a deeply important part of our eco-system, and by purchasing this scarf, you are supporting her (and by extension, the human race!).

Due to the fine nature of the material, we suggest dry clean only. To prevent wrinkles, shake it out and stow on a hanger in between uses. If you forget to do that, ironing or steaming on low setting is also fine. Before each wear, grab two corners and fluff it up for added body.


100% Organic Cotton

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Scarves: 38x38 inches
Bandanas: 22x22 inches

Care Instructions

Dry clean only. Hang between uses. Shake out to fluff before wearing. Iron/steam on low.

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